Behind the taste …

Everyone knows the impact of food that lasts longer than its taste. You may know the calming effect of cream, or how coffee makes you feel more awake. On closer observation, it turns out that staple foods and beverages also affect our physical and mental state. The emotional and bodily sensations induced by food can be described as the impact behind the taste.

Empathic Food Testing

Empathic Food Testing describes the measurement of emotional and bodily sensations induced by food. These impacts differ from short sensory impressions and personal preferences.

New research findings…

We developed a method that scientifically evaluates the emotional and physical impacts of food on the body. We think the emotional properties of the products strongly influence our well-being and performance.

State of Knowledge

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Our test

Empathic awareness or mindfulness supports the observation of food-induced emotions. That is why we named our test EmpathicFoodTest.

Which impact do we choose?

Choosing food-production methods and the kinds of foods we eat can make a big difference on quality of life. Empathic food testing, as a compliant method for quality evaluation of food, creates transparency and makes optimization of production, purchase, and consumption possible.
Our company analyses the emotional impact of food on the body using trained observers or untrained consumers.

Our Service

Interview with Dr. Uwe Geier at Biofach 2023